Yoga is Universal.

Yoga is not for your Ego.
Yoga is for your Soul.

So many of my own friends and very respected teachers have chosen their name as their business brand. I respect you. I honor you.

My mission is different.

I chose the name Innercise Yoga because it’s not about me. Innercise Yoga is the engagement of the body as a vessel in connection with the Higher self through movement and awareness of breath. This is what I have experienced on my mat and this is what I want to share.

Yoga is about the people. It’s about the connection. If you share your practice with the people, it’s about blessing the community and knowing it’s about them.

This is all just curiosity and thoughts but I want to remind the people who read my newsletter that the yoga is far from an identification of the individual. It is a universally sound philosophy to help us all be more happy and free.

Instead of creating an identify for yourself, let’s create an identity for yoga, and connect to a UniverSOUL.

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