Tone the body, Soften the mind…

When I first really gravitated towards yoga in college, it wasn’t for the physical benefit. I was naturally flexible and was a dancer growing up, so it was easy to get into the groove with my body, but I could tell something was also happening in my mind. I could see myself in a way that I had never seen myself before, and I didn’t hate it. The real reason I have stayed consistent in my practice over the years is knowing the practice’s benefit to my mind. The ego part of me that often wants to control everything, know all the answers, and be right— she softens.

We all have this human part of ourselves that operates our vehicle for us at times. Yet, we all also have this inherent Spirit part of us that craves tapping into deeper layers of existence and pushing the boundaries our own egos set up for us.

Yoga practitioner Baron Baptiste tells us “yoga is a dance of dealing with what is, and allowing yourself to fully experience whatever you’re experiencing right here, in the moment. In life, we so often resist what we don’t like or don’t want to do. Here, on your mat, is a safe opportunity to see what’s on the other side of that. Physical asana is a measure of some higher possibility. Put your attention on what you want to have happen and be for it, and watch the magic unfold.” Baptiste says this without reference to race, religion, gender, age, or body type. His words apply to everyone. They are Universal. Every time I read yogic words like this, I know the practice is meant for me. The practice is meant for EVERYBODY.

No matter where a person might be physically, every single person can be more focused on fully experiencing the now, on letting go of that resistance to do what is uncomfortable, and on finding the magic on the other side.  Physical asana, Baptiste says, is a measure of some higher possibility, not the higher possibility itself. Through awareness and cultivation of mindful thinking, we can all create change within, no matter our current physical state. We can all soften our egos and tap into deeper layers of existence. In doing so, we begin to love ourselves more. We begin to love others more.

Kick-ball Change,
Kelsey Reed Armbruster
Founder of Innercise Yoga, LLC

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