The Happiness Way

The quest to find happiness is something all humans can relate to. We may all have different views of what happiness looks like, but we all want to feel good about ourselves and our surroundings.

When looking for happiness, we tend to turn to our partners, our possessions, or even our political state; awaiting validation that sometimes never comes. The constant “search” for happiness can often lead to more feelings of discontentment and defeat than if we had attempted no search at all. When we shift the focus of our happiness from the external circumstance of controlling a partner, rendering apossiond, or defeating the government to an internal state of connection, contentment, and community_ we begin to understand the power of influence that our thoughts have on our emotional state of being.

In yoga, the term Ananda is used to describe the state of bliss. This state of liberation comes through transcending the confines of the ego. It describes the essence of happiness as something we always have the choice to tap into because it comes from within. We learn to trust that the struggle and the joy are both in service to our growth, helping us to move closer towards the most authentic version of ourselves. Challenge yourself to ruminate this month on what makes you happy and how you can focus energy towards that rather than a negative emotion. Yoga transcends the mat and allows us to exemplify peace in all our interactions.

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