Surrender to the Flow

On the journey of life, things happen. We can choose to see them as “good” of “bad,” or we can detach ever so slightly enough to know such events don’t have to be labeled, and the external state of the world doesn’t have to influence our inner state of being.

We can apply labels and resist the “bad,” or we can trust that whatever is happening within us and around us is to serve us. Yes, we are allowed to desire, and want, and strive for, but we must have the ability to accept what we receive and trust that even if it is not what we want, there is a potential gift to unwrap within its presence. The gift may be a big bowl of sorrow, to help you understand the beauty of transformation through challenge, or the gift may be a big bag of bliss, to remind you that you are worthy of goodness.

One of B.K.S. Iyengar’s most famous quotes reads, “Through surrender the aspirant’s ego is effaced… and grace… pours down upon him like a torrential rain.” When we surrender to the flow, we see gifts in the simple moments of our day— someone opening the door for us, a squinty eyed mask smile, a friendly driver. However, we can also see gifts in the little inconveniences— the red traffic light that reminds us to be patient, or the miscommunication that teaches us humility. These moments MATTER, and how we see them MATTERS. These moments can CHANGE US.

The practice of Ishvara Pranidhana, or the practice of surrender, is one of the 5 Niyamas, or positive duties to be practiced as a yogi. This practice tells us that if we are able to completely surrender our individual ego’s identities to God (or our own higher self) we will attain the identity of God. By letting go of the labels, “good” and “bad,” we surrender and allow, instead of internalizing and resisting. Doing so means that Divinity, or Christ Consciousness, or Source, whatever you want to call it, is you!

Surrendering to you,
Kelsey Reed Armbruster

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