Stepping into Fear…

The opposite of fear is trust, or faith. Whether you are religious, spiritual, or nothing at all— the belief that “You are OK, no matter what,” is a belief of trust. And convincing yourself of this is not always easy.

As humans, we are bound to experience tough times and rough emotions. I believe that the key to growth during these times is remembering that we still have a choice in how we process these hard experiences, and that we have the choice to use them as a catalyst for growth. If we allow fear to take over, that is when the same situations tend to appear in our life again and again as patterns. This is because we are resisting transformation.

I find that in my asana practice the fear in my mind can translate to and limit my physical body from progress. I used to never believe that I was strong enough to stand on my hands, but then when I stopped resisting the thought of me having a strong and capable body, that’s when the real stabilization in handstand manifested. And this is just the physical practice!

My teacher Rachel Brathen, better known as @yogagirl always says, “Trust that life will always, always, take you where you’re supposed to be.” When we believe this, we can see clearly that even when things may not be going our way, we have the opportunity to step into that anxiety or fear and actually learn from it. We might even have the opportunity to overcome it.

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