Returning To Realness

Stagnation, sadness, and being in funks are just real. Even for a yoga teacher…

So many people have the illusion that the smile on a yogi’s face and the joy in a yogi’s heart translate to happiness. People even think that us yogis never have much pain or depression to work through. It’s actually the exact opposite. We use yoga to confront the pain, to sit with it, and to learn to breathe right in the middle of it.

The intensity of the past 3 months of my life has been critical to my realization of the fact that radiance comes from moving through true suffering with awareness and authenticity. I have been through trauma. I have been through heartache. And I have been through serious loss. And you know what’s on the other side?



Fucking bliss.

Whatever you want to call it.


I feel it again.

I sit.


Writing this in tears.


I strip the emotions from under the sleeve,

Of myself,

And there I am. 

Bleeding and open,

To life and love

all over again.

Living here so fully in my heart,

I am once again,



And alive.

So remember, if you are going through that funkity funk funk, that stanky funk. And then you have that one day you wake up again and realize…

Oh, my gracious world… It IS all going to be alright.

This too shall pass.

And again, I am returned to my love,



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