Get in the Flow!

We each have a different image when thinking of the yoga practice and what it looks like. Some people think of the Instagram world of handstands, some imagine a room full of people chanting in a foreign language, and some imagine slow, meditative movement. The reality is… it’s all yoga! Whether you are moving fast or slow, yoga is all about getting into a state of flow. The flow state is one of complete presence. Focus is solely on the activity at hand and one becomes fully absorbed in the moment.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi created the concept with the flow in the 1970s. The theory recognizes a state of performance that is achieved when challenge and skill meet. Csikszentmihalyi found that a flow state often heightens creativity, performance and even fulfillment, leading to a richer quality of experience.

When we “flow” in yoga, we link the body to the breath. There may be an external guide in a yoga practice, but your prana or breath is the internal guide. In full awareness of breath, there is no room for the mind, but rather only room for focus on the present moment. By quieting the mind, turning off the inner critic, practicing mindfulness and shifting awareness to the activities at hand, such as our yoga practice, anyone can experience flow.

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