Everybody has a Yoga Body!

If you have a body, you have a yoga body.

The yoga practice is meant for everyone. Whether it’s a sweaty power practice, a therapeutic restorative practice, or a simple mindfulness mediation– there is truth to be discovered for each individual through this practice.

I always say in my classes, “In life, we are all experiencing the same things – just at different times.” The same applies on the yoga mat. As a beginner, it’s common to think “I’m not good at yoga.” Over time, what we realize about the practice is that everyone is good at SOMEthing. Contrarily, there are also parts of the practice that will always be a challenge. That challenge will differ from person to person, from body to body.

The body is just like a vehicle that we operate every day. And most of us are just driving around aimlessly without any regard for how to care for this vehicle. Do you keep the motor clean? How do you maintain the value of your vehicle? Is it just the outside that’s clean, or are you mindful of the inside being clean too? These are all question to consider when we learn to prioritize how our body can speak to us about other parts of ourselves.

Every time we step onto a yoga mat or in front of a meditation alert, we have the opportunity to bring awareness to our shadow self and transform. Then, we have the choice to purify our soul from the inside out.

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