Cheers to New Beginnings!

It’s the New Year and we all have the chance to create new opportunities! How are your New Years resolutions going? Sometimes, after a few weeks into the New Year, we forget about any goals we set and the normalcy of reality sets back in and our motivation is dampened once again.

Last year, I really focused on the asana(posture) practice of yoga. This year, I’m devoting energy towards applying the yogic principles of the Yamas and Niyamas into my life. The Yamas are self-regulating behaviors involving our interactions with other people and the world at large that include:

  • Ahimsa: nonviolence
  • Satya: truthfulness
  • Asteya: non-stealing
  • Brahmacharya: non-excess
  • Aparigraha: non-possessiveness, non-greed.

The five Niyamas, personal practices that relate to our inner world, include:

  • Saucha: purity
  • Santosha: contentment
  • Tapas: self-discipline, training your senses
  • Svadhyaya: self-study, inner exploration
  • Ishvara Pranidhana: surrender

For more information on the yogic principles, see this excellent yoga journal article.

When we broaden our perspective of yoga to include these lifestyle behaviors, we truly start to feel the magic of the practice both on and off the mat.

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