Sweet Summer

So often, throughout the chaos of external life— we forget

A Valentine’s Surprise

A yoga class followed by a complimentary wine tasting from ONEHOPE.

To Winter Withdraw,

Since the beginning of time, humans and animals alike hibernate during the winter months.

Everybody has a Yoga Body!

If you have a body, you have a yoga body.

Get in the Flow!

We each have a different image when thinking of the yoga practice and what it looks like.

Yoga is Universal.

Yoga is not for your Ego.
Yoga is for your Soul.

The Happiness Way

The quest to find happiness is something all humans can relate to.

Beautiful Souls!

As a teacher I am looked to for the mastery of physical yoga but I am often asked how to embody yoga off the mat.

Cheers to New Beginnings!

It’s the New Year and we all have the chance to create new opportunities!

Balance and Brews Two

I am so grateful to have hosted another beautiful Balance

Balance and Brew Review

There is an interesting stereotype out there about yoga teachers

Returning To Realness

Stagnation, sadness, and being in funks are just real. Even for a yoga teacher…

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