Meet Kelsey Reed Armbruster

We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Kelsey Reed Armbruster. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Kelsey Reed below.

Santosha at it’s Finest

Santosha or contentment is one of the niyamas in yoga. The Niyamas refer to duties directed

Meet Kelsey Reed Armbruster | Owner

We had the good fortune of connecting with Kelsey Reed Armbruster and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Surrender to the Flow

On the journey of life, things happen. We can choose

Trust in the Process

In this strange time of the “new normal” while amidst a revolution, we have all experienced a vast array of different emotions…

Innercise Launches Online

Yoga with me on Facebook Live and stay in tune with your body, mind, and soul during this necessary inside time.

Americans Trapped in Peru Are Out of Meds, Money, and Time

When many think of Peru, Machu Picchu usually comes to mind, with

Yoga In Action

As humans, we get attached— to things, to the people in our lives, to our routine.

Stretching and suds: Lean into your New Year’s resolution with beer yoga

Do you have a fitness goal on tap for 2020? 

Tantra is Yoga!

At its roots, Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice of liberation through expanding consciousness.

Tone the body, Soften the mind…

When I first really gravitated towards yoga in college, it wasn’t

Kelsey Reed Armbruster Featured in VoyageATL

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kelsey Reed Armbruster.

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