Balance and Brews Two

I am so grateful to have hosted another beautiful Balance and Brews event. This event has always been about service and community. I was once a beginner yogi too and I know that a traditional studio can be intimidating for first time yogis. I created Balance and Brews to merge studio yogis with a more socially inclined population whom has not necessarily experienced yoga before.

Innercise Yoga, LLC has been organizing events for 3 years now and they are always about giving back happiness and joy to those I love. I have the best studio job ever (Shout out to Westside Yoga!) but I don’t get to make all the decisions. With Innercise, I have a creative outlet that lets me share my light with the world. It teaches me motivation, discipline, strategic business planning, marketing, and communication – all while filling up my little love cup.

This work truly reminds me of my purpose here on earth. It’s not about having a following, or making it big time. It’s not even about owning a business or some day maybe a studio. It’s about creating purpose in my life that I can get pleasure from. The pleasure in knowing that I am doing my best to give back, to open the hearts of others, and to breathe through life with all the love in my heart.

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