Accidental Blessing in Disguise!

Nothing like a horrible car accident to WAKE.ME.THE.FUCK.UP!

Today, I am so grateful for Life. The impact hit me and the first thing I remember was taking my hand to my heart and giving myself a deep breath of aliveness. I am here. I am living. Holy shit, I am okay. And I can breathe, THANK GOD. Seriously, thank God. The Universe is cradling me. And I have never felt it so profoundly. My life is transforming into beautiful petals and rays of Sun before my eyes and I must realize with my real Eye these gifts right before me.

Aliveness. Breath. Love. 

Fully Emancipated after the Emancipator show at the Orange Peel, I was driving straight home on Tunnel road when out of nowhere a huge diesel truck pulled out right in front of me. I had absolutely no time to think to slow my 50 mph speed, as I jammed a T-bone into back end of his truck. The diesel was hit so hard, it did a 180 spin only to come back around and smash the hood of my car up into my blessed teeny-tiny yogic Temple, which I am convinced, is what saved me.  After spending what felt like hours trying to get my door open, I looked back to the driver’s seat only to see the thin sliver that was my body mold cradled by this big black “beast” of a car. Now out of the car, my first conscious thought occurred: My heart chakra was in trauma. I couldn’t even register the thoughts chest pain, broken ribs, or damaged organs. I yearned… my breath, my practice, my heart. I have so much more to give!… and that’s when the tears showed.

I AM OKAY. I AM ENOUGH. HERE. NOW. AND I WILL LIVE EVERY DAMN DAY TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY! Hear me loud and clear, and hold me accountable for this.

Although, I am alive, breathing, and loving, my right is sprained and the impact from the airbags severely bruised my chest. There is nothing more dreadful than being a yoga practitioner and not being able to breathe comfortably. Listening to my holistic practice, I have chosen not to seek any allopathic treatment, and ridden full stride with the holistic approach to wellness. Intense amounts of the Chinese herb like Yunnan Balyao literally help me nurture the visualization of light into my body as I drink it, especially where my injuries are.

Remedies | Innercise Yoga

The exact formula is an ancient closely guarded secret and is nicknamed “the white medicine of Yunnan.” It was originally used in the Vietnam War to stop soldiers from bleeding and its anti-inflammatory properties are known to help internal or external bleeding. I’m also taking Bromelgin and applying dragon’s blood to the bruising. Alongside the herbal remedies, massages, healing touch, and Supta Baddha Konasana are what’s saving me right now from not going absolutely nuts without being able to move my body.

The morning after my accident, a dear friend from my yoga training reminded me that the Anahata, or heart chakra goes untouched. And it shall be. I was given this body as a vessel to spread love and light and I shall treat it accordingly.
Om Mani Padme Hum! Listening intently to find the Jewel in the Lotus on this one!

Thank you to the Black Beasting Beauty for saving my life.

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